A 12-week Personal & Professional Development Program, custom designed and conducted to help you gracefully manage stress and conflict as they arise in daily life.

Location: Bay Marin Aikido, 1345 Via Sessi, San Rafael, CA 94901 (next to D St. across from City Hall)

Time: Fridays, 1 1/2 hour sessions, beginning in Spring 2007. Times and dates will be posted here.

Fees: Individuals $450 per 12-week course.

For additional enrollment information, call Jeff Dooley at 707-762-1460

Program Description

This three-month, weekly workshop offers you an opportunity to explore and develop new ways of acting with increasing balance, grace, and effectiveness in everyday situations of conflict or stress. Guided by principles of movement, harmony, and connecteness from Aikido, the martial art of peace, you will gradually learn to move and speak in new ways to make conflict productive, and to cultivate a solidly grounded way of being present, even in chaotic situations.

Through a combination of facilitated dialogue and safe, non-strenuous solo and paired exercises based on Aikido movements, you will physically experience moving through conflict with others in ways that neither resist it, escalate it, nor give in to it.

In order to put new knowledge to use in the workplace, ways of speaking, listening, and relating to others will be explored that mirror physical Aikido movements.

You will be encouraged to identify and experiment with the kinds of real-world situations you find especially difficult. Through re-enacting these situations using physical Aikido movements, and their analogous communication tools, you will open doors to new ways of reducing stress and enhancing leadership effectiveness. Continuing practice at weekly sessions will help you integrate new skills into your action repertoire.

Because of the focus on movement in this workshop, you are encouraged to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Additionally, you may elect to bring a cushion for added comfort when sitting on the dojo mat.


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Promises of the workshop:

As a whole-hearted participant in this workshop you will increase your ability to:

Move into action as a more effective leader to resolve team conflicts

Become attuned to your natural center, and to how to regain it when you are drawn "off center"

Listen to the needs of others while not losing touch with your own

Speak in ways that drive collaboration, not defensiveness

Shift difficult conversations toward productive inquiry and dialogue


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Who Should Attend:

Organizational managers, entrepreneurs, change agents, project managers, strategic planners, quality managers, human resources, training, and organizational development professionals, and consultants who:

Are responsible for initiatives in which people will be required to work effectively under increasing stress;

Want to strengthen their capacity for calm, centered leadership in ways that also help others do so;

Wish to deal with conflict in an increasingly effective, strategic, and collaborative way.

Workshop Leader:

Jeff Dooley, MS has developed this workshop to help individuals apply principles of inner mastery to the leadership challenges they face at work and in everyday life.

Jeff is a management consultant and educator in private industry and government. His major focus is in helping organizations to design and manage large-scale change initiatives in ways that integrate the skills and tools of systems thinking and inner mastery. He is a former instructor of Systems Practice at University of California Santa Cruz Extension, and he has conducted systems seminars at Harvard University. He has been a student and practitioner of martial arts for over two decades, and he holds the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan) in Aikido.

Jeff has recently co-authored the article, "Aikido for Change Leaders" in The Dance of Change by Peter Senge.

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 Arts and principles this workshop draws upon:

This workshop draws upon long-established principles of the martial and contemplative arts. Specifically, it is based on a teaching of the martial arts that by locating our awareness within our bodies, we can gather and use powerful knowledge inaccessible to our thinking minds alone.

Many of the exercises are based upon principles of the martial art of Aikido. In Aikido one uses balance, leverage, timing, and movement to achieve power without useing force. These principles have become increasingly prominent in leadership development at organizations, universities, and governments around the world.

Additional techniques of breathing, centering, and grounding are drawn form the Taoist energy arts of T'ai Chi and Chi gung.

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Registration Information:

You may register for this workshop by phone 707-762-1460 or email dooley@somatic-arts.com to reserve space. There may be interruptions in the schedule due to holidays, and these will be posted here and at the dojo and dojo website http://www.baymarinaikido.com/

Additionally, a one or one-half day introduction to Somatics and Leadership can be customized for delivery within your organization. Please call, fax, or email Jeff to learn more about this option.

Jeff Dooley
Adaptive Learning Design
707-762-1460 voice
707-762-1429 fax

Adaptive Learning Design

Petaluma, California

707-762-1460 voc
707-762-1429 fax

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